Some Common Towing Service Myths

The web is one of the best things an individual could enjoy in this generation. However, you must be knowledgeable that not everything written on the web is actually true. There are tons of information that could be wrong or some common misconceptions strengthened by curiosity written online. The same thing could happen in towing and the company that provides the service.

Here are some of the common wrong ideas about towing services as well as the reality behind it.

1. Increase Payload Through Addition of Products

One thing a customer cannot possibly do is to add extra products in suspension in order to increase the ratings. If you are curious about the suspension payload, the best thing to do is to actually level the truck you are using. Moreover, you could also decrease the weak handling or access the leaf springs before starting the towing process. These and many other tricks could be done.

2. Leaning Towing Jargons is Not a Must.

There are a lot of things one should learn before availing a towing service. One of which are the common jargons used in the towing industry. Two of the most common terms in towing, GAWR and GVWR have a big difference from one another. The former pertains to the maximum weight one could put on an axle. The latter, on the other hand, relates to the total weight of the vehicle. That is, the sum of the weights of the vehicle and the passenger. This limit shouldn’t be exceeded in whatever terms. These are just few of the many terms you will have to encounter when hiring a towing company and learning most if not all of them is a must.

3. Truck Capacity Could be Increased through Increasing Trailer Hitch.

As a car owner, you should be knowledgeable that the car manufacturer put a limit on the capacity of your vehicle for a reason. This is equally true with towing trucks. Meaning, you shouldn’t be messing with its capacity. This is not only to ensure your car’s delivery in a specific destination, but it is also to ensure that it gets there safe. Thus, you must be telling your towing service provider to not exist in the truck’s capacity in order to avoid additional costs that the damages of not following so could bring.

4. Tongue Weight is Accurate

This is one of the most common mistakes done during a towing service. It may be true that towing service providers have the necessary experience to memorize weights of cars and other form of vehicle, but this does not mean that their estimates are actually accurate. First up, tongue weight is an estimate-meaning, there is no accuracy in that. Thus, in order to know whether your car exceeds the towing truck capacity, you have to refer to your car owner’s manual. If not, you do some research for information on the web. This will not only spell your car’s safety but it could also help you avoid from spending additional costs in the future, especially when your car is going to be damaged because of these rough estimates.

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